Rate Sheet

Basic Kit

4 x wireless lavs
2 x wireless camera hops
Multitrack recorder
2 x headsets

Day Rate (12h):  $950

Overtime:  $120/hr

½ Day Rate (4h): $600

½ Day Overtime: $150/hr

Overtime is billed in ½ hr increments.
Overtime on a ½ day is billed until the full day rate is reached.

DOC BC / DOC Canada Members

Day Rate (12h):  $600

Overtime:  $90/hr

½ Day Rate (4h): N/A

Synchronized Playback (includes PA)

Day Rate (12h):  $750

Overtime:  $90/hr

½ Day Rate (4h): $450

½ Day Overtime: $120/hr

Extra Gear

wireless lav:  $50/day

camera hop:  $50/day

headset:  $20/day

Timecode slate:  $50/day

Sync box:  $50/day

PA Speaker:  $100/day

Rental Gear (non sound)

Grip Package: $50/day

Lighting Package: $50/day

Panasonic AF100: $100/day

Panasonic AG-DVX200: $200/day


All parking expenses are paid by the client unless other arrangements are made.


Travel within Greater Vancouver (south of Horseshoe Bay, west of Abbotsford) is not charged.

Travel outside this area (roughly 1 hr travel time or 100km) is billed at the CRA automobile allowance rate ($0.61/km in 2022)


Travel days with no shooting are billed at 50%.

Travel days that include shooting are billed at the full day rate.

Archive Retrieval

Re-send lost sound files:  $50

Missing CF Card

Audio that is delivered on a CF card without the CF card being returned is subject to a $200 charge.