Adam Loften Global Oneness Project Films

I want to thank you again for all your help.  It was a tough shoot at times but you never lost your cool, which helped me keep mine.  You are an amazing collaborator and I honestly wouldn’t have been able to pull it off without you.

Sarah Brar Party for Two Films

It’s coming on almost a year since we last set out on a film making adventure and … I write to you to see if you would have any interest in, and of course if you would be available, to join our team for our second feature as our sound man.

Mary Fowles Global Oneness Project Films

We really enjoyed having you on our team.  You went above and beyond and we are very grateful.  Let me know if you ever need a reference / testimonial down the road.

Kamala Todd Indiginous City Media

Thanks so much for this, Devon.  Just went through it all and it sounds excellent.  Thanks for the water sounds too!  Where is that from?

Ellen Bateman Chalkboard Media

Thanks Devon, it was wonderful working with you — glad you caught our post on the list-serve last week.